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1964 Daimler Jaguar MK2

Metallic maroon, beige interior, radio. This vehicle has recently undergone a very comprehensive re-build in excess of £15,000.


Here is a list of jobs carried out on your vehicle

I have not listed nuts, bolts , electrical equipment and other sundries.

Work consisted of:

Cutting away outer sills, inner sill rotted areas, front chassis cross member, rusting rear chassis,removal of front valence, rotted inner wings and lower areas of front wings.Cutting away of metal to the 4 door lower areas, up to 4 inches, welding in new repaired panels, new front chassis cross member, cutting out rusted rear wheel arches and welding in new metal. Removed near side spring, cut out rusted box section. Fabricate new and refit spring.

  • Underside of car undersealed and wax oiled.
  • Lower half of vehicle repainted.
  • Mechanical work carried out on vehicle

Replace 2 engine mountings,gearbox mounting,remove leaking sump from automatic gear box, clean sump replace gasket and refit sump, refill with oil.Remove steering column and fit new bushes.Replace leaking and corroded petrol tank, replace feed pipe, replace sender unit. Remove old exhaust system and replace with new stainless steel system, replace rear shock absorbers, fit new front bump stops. Replace all suspension and steering bushes replace dynamo and starter motor with replacement units. Replace rear brake calipers and service exchange front calipers. Make up new brake pipes and replace all flexible brake pipes. Fit new front discs, ball joints and track rod ends. Replace all tyres. Remove heater box and replace matrix and valve. Replace all hoses to engine and heater. Replace leaking steering hydraulic pipe. Remove distributor and rebuild. Retrack vehicle. Reset headlight units.

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