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Michael Moore profile.

My interests in engineering stemmed from an early childhood living next door to one of my Fathers garages. As a child I always remember the nice sports and racing cars that they used to run and tune. My Father was racing, mainly abroad, with a JBS 500 along with 5 other 500’s loaded into a transporter and raced on many of the circuits in Europe. Spending 3 months away at a time. He went on to race Lister cars and when Archie Scott-Brown was killed in 1959 he retired and went into power boat racing and a return to flying, having a been a Fleet Air Arm pilot during the last war.

One way and another I had quite an exciting up-bringing even being at boarding school.

I first started with hill climbs and sprints in 1962 and raced a supercharged Lotus 7 in 1964 coming 2nd in my 1st race. I raced Clubman’s until 1969 having designed and built my first Clubman’s car (Witchcraft) coming first in its maiden outing and going on to come second in the Clubman’s Championship in 1967.

Although I had other business interests, I stayed involved in racing and in the late 60’s and early 70’s.selling from a garage in Dunstable, American, XK & E-type cars.

I first raced a Falcon Sprint an ex Allan Mann car owned by David Howes of ‘Howes Motors’, in the 1969 British Grand Prix support race. Only to end up over the banking on Copse corner at Silverstone, after lying third and challenging for first place, when the brake system had a total failure.

In 1992 I became involved in setting up others peoples suspension and brake systems to mainly AC Cobra replica’s, and at the time decided to build my own XK120 Jaguar replica.


It took 2.5 years to tool up to have the components cast and formed from our own patterns. Over a 6 year period we build 36 cars. But the main income was from the 120 parts which we sold to the genuine XK owner. Having sold my main company I am now involved in the cars that I had always been drawn to.

Up until 2 years ago I had spent 6 years racing E-types and Falcons in Europe, but presently only in England. We are now building 3 light weight E-types and 3 XK120 replicas. We are also importing American cars and some E-types and XK’s out of Arizona. Being a dry state it is so nice finding 40 year old cars with no rust.

We are very fortunate to have found a very good car buyer in Arizona who has now become a good friend.

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